We have operated in the region since 2008, providing services to a wide range of listed companies, regulatory bodies and NGOs.

Sustainability Reporting

What isn’t measured isn’t managed. Companies wishing to leverage the full potential of their CSR and sustainability investments will benefit from monitoring progress and seeking ongoing feedback on their performance from stakeholders. With over 10 years of experience in creating engaging and credible sustainability reports, we can help reporters get started and take disclosure to the next level.

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Stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder engagement is critical to an effective sustainability or CSR strategy. Understanding the concerns and needs of stakeholders, and how they view your organisation will help you allocate resources and guide initiatives to be most effective and establish better relations with key actors affecting your business. Stakeholder engagement should be in the DNA of every company, but we advocate the use of third-party facilitators on a regular basis to ensure that stakeholders can express their views confidentially. We use a combination of techniques and channels designed to get the most honest feedback.

Sustainability strategy

For companies to leverage CSR and sustainability, it is important to create clear priorities and a roadmap which is aligned to and supports business strategy. We do not believe that one size fits all. Our team will seek to identify and understand your organisation’s existing priorities and business model. We deliver and facilitate baseline assessments, roadmaps, targets and capacity building, and policy development.

Benchmarking & research

We produce a range of bespoke research for our clients, for example:

  • Benchmark of disclosure against peers and competitors and identification of best practice within the sector.
  • Identification of non-financial risk and stakeholder mapping on new market entries.
Workshops & engagement exercises

We provide bespoke workshops and engagement exercises, using examples and case studies relevant to the sector. Our most popular programmes include:

  • Materiality assessment workshops (half or full-day programme)
  • Stakeholder engagement exercises (half day programme)
  • Sustainability for the Board of Directors (half or full-day programme)
  • Getting started on carbon footprinting (half day programme).

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